1.Ordering a Product
How do I place an order with OptrixStore.com? ...

Purchasing eyeglasses & sunglasses at OptrixStore.com is extremely easy. A couple of steps make you buy your favourite eyeglasses & sunglasses, affordable yet high quality.

Step 1: Frame selection

Notice: If you only want to buy frame without lenses, click “BUY FRAME ONLY“.

Go to your shopping cart to confirm you order, and then proceed to checkout.

Step 2: Fill in your prescription and make lens selection.

Step 3: Go to your shopping cart to confirm your order information.

Notice: If you haven’t logged in, our system will ask you to log in or create your account at this step.

Step 4: Checkout

Notice: We currently accept visa or master card as well as Paypal. However, no matter which payment methods you choose, you have to go through the payment page of PayPal first, which will ensure the security of your payment. We do not accept check and money order.

Step 5: Fill in the payment page.

Step 6: Wait at home for the package to arrive in days.

Is it possible to order for a product that is “Out Of Stock”?


Is it possible to order for a product that is “Out Of Stock”?


In case the desired product is short, you can mail us at sales@OptrixStore.com and we shall be in touch with you and keep you updated with the availability.


How can I change or cancel the order?


Eyeglasses are custom-made products, so if you want to change the order, you must send us the details of the changes within the 24 hours of your ordering from us. After the first 24 hours, the order can not be changed as it is already in the stage of production.

For the order that cannot be changed, we will start producing a new pair of eyewear based on your changed details before we ship out your package, and it will count as your, our customer’s, one-time exchange. You will lose the chance of further return or exchange. BTW, we will charge for the price difference.

You cannot cancel the order after the initial 24 hours if the order is already in the process of fitting. Should the customer choose to directly receive refund at this stage, please contact our staff for exact cost incurred by us and we will charge you for that cost.

For any change or cancellation concerning your order, we will send any acknowledgement email to you. In case you do not receive any email from us, please contact our staff at sales@OptrixStore.com without delay.


What if I make a double ordering?

What if I make a double ordering?


How to use the voucher/coupon?

The voucher/coupon code should be entered at step 4 "Confirm Order" when you are doing your payment. For example:


Click here to learn how to order online.


*Each voucher/coupon should be used up every single time.

*Each order is allowed to be placed with only ONE voucher/coupon.

*All vouchers/coupons should be used within the period of validity.

*Our system doesn’t accept zero-price order temporarily, so if the voucher/coupon amount is greater than the total amount of the order the payment may be failed and the extra will not be returned.

Order status

As one of the services offered OptrixStore.com after you place your order with us, our service people will send a couple of emails to you keeping you informed about the most recent status of your order. The status email will be in simple words such as pending, processing, pick up and delivered. The specific meaning of these simple words are as follows:


This is the stage that your order is still pending. This is mainly because your payment has not yet been cleared.

Order received

This is the stage showing we have received your payment successfully. We’d starting processing your glasses 100% based on your order information in 24hrs if we do not receive any request from you regarding cancellation and order changes.

Completed set

This stage refers to the next short stage after "order received" when the order information in considered to be completed and with no need to be clarified with customers. Since prescription eyeglasses require to be customized in an individual modeling and filling process, we allow customers 24hrs to change their options on the Rx, frames and lenses options. Therefore, the "Completed set" is only lasting 24hrs after when we will start customizing the lenses at the optical manufacture and the order will not be able be changed at this stage.

Questioned order

This is the stage that means we will not be able to proceed to process your order because of insufficient or incoherent order information. We’d send you email to ask for a further clarification. Please kindly respond to us ASAP if your order is at this stage to expedite the processing and shipment.


During this stage, your ordered lenses will be though a customization and filling process in our optical manufacture and Lab. In most cases, normal single vision eyeglasses will be delivered in about 2 weeks after your placement of the order online. The specific processing period varies according to the strength, lens type and adds-on options.


This is the stage when the package containing your eyeglasses has been picked up by the courier company for shipping to your address. Delivery time is determined by the shipping method, destination and the condition in transit.

Tracking number available

We’d send the USPS tracking number to your registered mail box and meanwhile the order status will be updated to this stage. The tracking number normally will be sent in 24hrs and sometimes the sending will be delayed due to the weekend or National holidays.


The status of “Delivered” means you have received our eyeglasses parcel at your address.

Refund accepted

This is the stage when we have accepted your request of return and refund. Please always contact our customer service to obtain a RAN number before you send back the glasses.

Refund completed

This is the stage when the full or partial refund has been processed successfully.

When will my order be delivered?


We process orders as quickly as possible. However, shipping time and costs depend on your location.


When does the 7 day return period begin?


The period begins when you receive the goods – in other words when you have the order in your hands


What is Card Verification Method (CVM)?


The Card Verification Method, or CVM, consists of a 3 or 4-digit numeric code that is printed at the back of the credit card along with (after) the credit card number, where the card holder signs in his signature on the card. This additional 3 or 4 digit numeric code is not embossed on the card nor available in the magnetic stripe. This additional 3 or 4 digit is code is featured / incorporated on all Master Cards and Visa cards issued worldwide.


Why CVM?


The purpose of CVM is to ensure that the person submitting the transaction is in possession of the actual card, since the code cannot be copied from charge slips / receipts or skimmed from the magnetic band. You need to provide this numeric code for your order and you need to submit it with the authorization through the Citibank gateway. The card processor (i.e. Visa or Master Card) will then validate the code supplied with the number on record for the specific card, and return a match/no-match response.

How can I order my prescription eyeglasses at OptrixStore.com? ...

Buying prescription eyeglasses at OptrixStore.com is very easy and convenient. For details, see Ordering a Product above.

How can I know the glasses fit me or not?

We have a virtual try-on system which supports you to try on the glasses frames you choose online, so that you can know how they will look on you.

Try them on models:

Step 1: Choose the frame you like and put your mouse on the lower right corner then click the "try on" button.

Step 2: Choose one model whose face shape is most similar to yours.

Upload via snapping a photo with a webcam or uploading a photo from your computer.

1. Upload via snapping a photo with a webcam.

Step 1: Start from “UPLOAD”and click “Snap a photo with a webcam”.

Step 2: Click the button "Snap" to snap a photo when the image area is available. The snapped photos (6 at most) will be displayed in the thumbnail list.

Step 3: Pick one photo that you like best in the thumbnail list and choose your PD at the same time.

Step 4: Click the button "Save" to save your photo.

Step 5 Mark one of your pupils in the image, then click "Next" to continue.

Step 6: Mark your another pupil, then click "Submit".

Step 7: Try-on successfully.

2. Upload a photo from your computer.

Step 1: Start from "UPLOAD" and click "Upload a photo from your computer" start uploading your photo.

Notice: The “UPLOAD” button will be displayed as "USE MY PHOTO" if you haven't logged in.

Step 2: Fill in your PD and upload your photo.

Step 3: Mark the position of one of your pupils.

Step 4: Mark the position of your another pupil.

Step 5: Try-on successfully.

How to read my prescription?

An eyeglass prescription is a written order by an optometrist, ophthalmologist, orthoptist for eyeglasses. It specifies the refractive power to which the eyeglasses are to be made in order correct blurred vision due to refractive errors, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Eyeglass prescription issued by different doctors may differ in format, but they somewhat look like the following 4 samples. You may choose the sample which is close to yours in hand and read the notes after each sample.

Example One

Example Two

Example Three

Example Four


  • 1. This prescription      is issued in vertical format, while most the prescriptions are of      horizontal ones.
  • 2. This      prescription use the plain English with no abbreviations from Latin.
  • 3. SPH=      Sphere=Spherical, is the strength of your prescription, bears sign “+” or      “-”, “+”refers to farsightedness and presbyopia, “-”refers to      nearsightedness. If "PL" or "Plano" is stated      at the place of SPH on your prescription, please enter0.00 for this      option.
  • 4. CYL=      Cylinder= Cylindrical, i is the diopters degree of the astigmatism. This      number also has “+” or “-” signs. If "DS" or"SPH" or "spherical" or “PL” is stated      at the place of CYL, it means you have no astigmatism and 0.00 is the      option required to choose.
  • 5. Axis,      is a number between 0 and 180 degrees, and means the orientation of your      astigmatism. There is no sign before this number.
  • 6. Add=      Near Addition, means the power strength to be added to the Sphere number      for making single vision reading glasses or bifocal and progressive      eyeglasses. In this prescription, the “Add” numbers are put under the      “Add” spaces. Some of the doctors may write one number with sign such as      “+2.00” in the middle of the space under “Add.”, which means your both      eyes have the same Add numbers.
  • 7. PD=      Pupillary Distance, in this sample, the PD is written as “62/59”, in which      “62” is the “ Far PD”, while “59” is the “Near PD”
  • 8. In      writing the decimals in this prescription, all the decimals are written      with the decimal points being clearly there. You can just enter all the      numbers as shown on the prescription sheet in our webpage.

Do you offer bifocal or progressive lenses?

Yes, we do process bifocal lenses and progressive lenses. You may start by selecting the proper frame with height over 30mm for making bifocal or progressive lenses first and then input your prescription as requested.

Is a contact lens prescription the same as an eyeglasses prescription?

No, prescriptions for contact lenses and eyeglasses are different. A contact lens prescription contains information not found in a prescription for eyeglasses like base curve and diameter. If you have a prescription for eyeglasses but want to try contacts, it is advised that you consult with your eye care practitioner first.

What are Progressive lenses and for whom?

Progressive lenses are advanced optically and cosmetically. Hence, there is no demarcation line and these also provides clear vision for intermediate – no problem on computers, no need to search for clear vision while climbing up steps. The sophisticated lens available with us is ‘Internal Progressive’ in an innovative technology that provides wider vision than any other Progressive lens.

What are polarized lenses. Are they available with my power ?

Polarized lenses eliminate glare from roads, water, sand, grass etc where there is reflection of light. These are 100% UV protective and are good substitute for your normal sunglasses. Yes, these can be made with your power.

Is there any special lens for night driving ?

Titanium Multi Cote (TMC) on any lens would help in improving your night driving performance. These lenses are with scratch resistance.

What are the advantages of glass lenses over plastic lenses?

Plastic lenses are lighter and have 3 x the impact resistance of glass while glass lenses are thinner

Do my glasses protect my eyes from the sun?

That depends. Many people have plastic lenses, which do not protect your eyes; in that case you need to have UV coating or protection. Polycarbonate lenses have built-in UV protection. Glass lenses protect your eyes from harmful UVB rays, but not from UVA; some experts think UVA rays might have long-term, damaging effects on your eyes and skin.

What lenses do you recommend for computer use ?

Lenses coated with SATIN are good while working on computer. These lenses are easy to clean, comfortable to use and would not collect any dust over the lens.

How can I prolong the life of my eyeglasses?

• If you're buying just one pair of glasses, avoid trendy frames that could go out of style quickly.
• If you're buying glasses for a child whose prescription changes often, ask to have new lenses put in the old frames, rather than buying new frames each time.
• Choose a style with spring hinges, which allow the temples to flex slightly outward without breaking the eyeglasses.
• Ask for scratch-resistant coating.
• Follow your eye care professional's instructions for the proper care of your glasses. Improper care is a primary cause of damage to anti-reflective coating and can cause other problems as well.

What are Titanium frames?

Titanium frames are the most lightweight, durable —"twice as sturdy as stainless steel"— and corrosion proof. Also, they will not provoke allergies. Titanium eyewear can be produced in a variety of colors for a clean, modern look.

How can I do if the eyeglasses I receive from you need adjustment?

You may contact us at sales@OptrixStore.com describing the nature of your problem and we will be happy to help and adjust for you at no charge.

Note:For customers outside New Delhi,INDIA shipping charges would be incurred.

How can I order sunglasses online ? ...

• Buying sunglasses at OptrixStore.com is very easy and convenient.

How can I order sunglasses online ?

• Buying sunglasses at www.gkboptical.com is very easy and convenient. For details, see Ordering a Product above.

Why to wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses eliminate solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR), in particular the more-damaging UVB radiation. UV rays from sunlight can damage the retina and the lens of the eye. Too much exposure is linked to conditions like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.
As the eye cannot see UVR, good quality sunglasses have an important function in blocking UVR. Wearing cheap sunglasses with no UV filters poses an even greater danger than wearing none at all because the pupils will dilate allowing more harmful rays into the eye.

When to wear sunglasses?

Outdoors, especially during summer when the level of UVR at noon is about three times as high as that for winter. More importantly, the levels of UVB can be as much as ten times higher.
In open spaces (typically when you are taking part in your sport). In such situations, where there might be little or no shade, you are exposed to direct and scattered radiation from the whole sky. A flat surface like the sea reflects 20% of UVA and UVB, which causes high glare.
Skiing at high altitude. The harmful effects of Solar UVR increase every 1000m and at 2000m can be 30% higher than at sea level. The high reflection of snow increases the problem.

What are sunglasses made of?

Basically, sunglasses are made from two components: lenses and frames. Frames can be nothing more than thin metal wires that just surround the lenses, or they can be large plastic casings, especially in sport sunglasses and oversized sunglasses. Most frames are basically flat so they can be folded into a pocket; many designer sunglasses come with soft bags or cases for protection. Lenses come in almost every color of the spectrum. Polycarbonate lenses are especially valuable when working in hazardous environments or when included in sport sunglasses, as they are nearly indestructible.

Should I buy prescription sunglasses?

Prescription lenses are corrective lens worn in front of the eye to correct vision disorders. Prescription sunglasses are great for those who want to participate in outdoor sports but don't want to wear contacts, as contacts can often become dry and irritate the eye

Are mirrored lenses better for sunglasses?

That depends on your attitude. If you want to hide your eyes, mirrored lenses are definitely the way to go. As for reduced glare or UV protection, this eyewear is no different than discount sunglasses with colored lenses.

What are photochromic lenses?

Photochromic lenses have a coating which darkens in bright light and becomes clear again in low light; these sunglasses have been around for decades and are very popular.

How can I order contact lenses online? ...

• Buying contact lenses at OptrixStore.com is very easy and convenient. For details, see Ordering a Product above.

How can I order contact lenses online?

• Buying contact lenses at www.gkboptical.com is very easy and convenient. For details, see Ordering a Product above.

Who can wear contact lenses?

Almost everyone can. Whether you're near sighted or farsighted, old or young, you can probably wear some type of contact lens. Do check with your ophthalmologist though whether contact lenses will be suitable for you.

Are contacts hard to take care of?

The amount of care required depends on the kind of lens it is: Daily disposable contact lenses are meant to be worn once and then discarded hence no maintenance is required. Other disposable lenses need to be cleaned at the end of the day and then soaked in the disinfecting solution until they're to be worn again. These need to be replaced weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on the type of lenses. Longer duration contact lenses (6-monthly or yearly disposables) might require weekly enzyming in additional to daily care.

How much do contact lenses cost?

The cost of contact lenses varies greatly depending on the type of contact lens it is, the brand and whether these are required for special correction problems like Astigmatism.

How long does it take for a new contact lens user to get used to the contact lenses?

The time taken to get used to contact lenses varies from one day to two weeks depending on the person's eye sensitivity and the eye condition that the lenses are trying to correct.

Why do I have to use protein cleaner?

Contact lenses are exposed to a complex environment whilst on the eye. The tear-film contains a number of different proteins which potentially adhere to the surface of the contact lens. The build-up of protein reduces the wet-ability of the surface of the contact lens which causes a "smeary" or "fogginess" to vision. A protein cleaner, often an enzymatic agent, will help in reducing the potential for protein to adhere to the contact lens surface.

Can I use eye drops with my contact lenses?

In general eye drops shouldn't be used with contact lenses because the lens can absorb the eye drop and result in a concentrated buildup of the solution.

How do I get around dryness with contact lenses?

Try using an "in-eye" lubricant. There can be some dryness if you work in an air-conditioned environment. If the problem persist consult a professional.

How can I tell if I've put them in the wrong eye?

Check the vision of each eye by covering alternate eyes with your hand. If the vision is unclear then try swapping the lenses and then recheck the vision.

Is my prescription the same for both specs and contact lenses?

NO. A contact lens prescription is only 100% complete when the details of their fit are included. This means that although the powers may seem similar to your spectacle prescription, the powers alone are not sufficient when specifying a contact lens prescription. Additional parameters like lens type, diameter and base curve must also be included.

How do I know when to change my Contact Lens?

Whenever you feel blur in vision, when you cannot bear the lens for long time, or when you feel dryness with the lenses after some time of wear.


Q. Is the use of contact lenses advised? Can contact lenses damage my eye?

A. Contact lenses have helped millions of people with eyesight problems. You should, however, consult your eye care professional to find out if contact lenses are a viable option for you.
If you take proper care of your contacts and follow the instructions of inserting and removing, contact lenses will continue to be a safe and effective option.

Q. Should I wear contact lenses while playing sports?

A. Contact lenses are preferred over Eyeglasses while playing sports as these eliminate the risk of glasses-related injuries. Contact lenses stay in place and provide a wider vision field. Contact lenses also make it easy to wear protective goggles.

Q. Are there contact lenses available for Astigmatism?

A. Yes. Astigmatism is a distorted vision condition caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. Contact lenses that correct astigmatism are called Toric lenses.

Q. Are there contact lenses that I can use to change my eye color?

A. Yes, color disposable contacts can be used to change the color of your eyes. These are generally used for cosmetic or theatrical purposes. Even those who do not have a prescription can use plano color disposables.

Q. Should I see an optometrist or ophthalmologist first if I want to start using contact lenses?

A. Yes, it is strongly recommended that you take the advice of a qualified eye care practitioner first before trying contact lenses.

Q. Can I sleep while wearing my contact lenses?

A. It is recommended that one should take off the lenses before going to sleep and put these in the disinfecting solution. Some extended wear lenses, however, now need not be removed prior to going to sleep.

Q. What are the different types of contact lenses?

A. Contact lenses can be classified based on the duration for which these can be worn – Daily disposables, 2-week disposables, Monthly disposables and Yearly disposables. These can also be classified on the basis of the eye condition solved – Bifocal lenses, Toric lenses etc. Finally we also have color disposable lenses which can be used for prescription or purely cosmetic purposes.

Q. When should one replace the contact lenses?

A. Contact lenses come with a prescribed time limit within which these should be used and then disposed off. Even if the contact lenses still feel comfortable after the expiry of the prescribed time frame, these should be discarded and replaced with a fresh pair.

Q. Can I share my contact lenses with anyone else?

A. Absolutely not. While there might be some curiosity amongst family members and friends particularly with new lens users, the lenses should never be shared with anyone even for small periods of time. If shared, there is a very high probability that the lenses will get infected with harmful bacteria and will lead to serious eye complications.

Q. What are the recommendations to follow when using contact lenses?

A. The following are the broad DOs and DON’Ts when using contact lenses:


Get your eyes checked regularly.

Wash and dry your hands prior to handling lenses

Clean, rinse and disinfect lenses after use (except daily disposable lenses, which should be discarded daily)

Air dry lens cases/storage cases and keep dry when not holding lenses

Insert lenses before applying makeup

Remove lenses before removing makeup

Replace lens cases/storage cases every 3 months to prevent contamination buildup

Have spare lenses and solutions on hand

Have an up-to-date pair of glasses available in case you need to remove your lenses


Use tap water on lenses

Wet lenses with saliva

Reuse disinfecting solution - always discard and replace with new solution each time lenses are stored

Sleep in your lenses unless using extended wear lenses which are made for this purpose

Switch the type of solution you use except on the advice of your Eye Care Practitioner

Q. How should I clean and store my contact lenses?

A. The recommended steps for cleaning and storing contact lenses are:

i.Wash and dry hands prior to handling contact lenses

ii.Remove the lenses and clean these with the recommended cleaning solution. Some lenses might require rubbing while others need only rinsing.

iii.Place the lenses in clean lens cases filled with the appropriate soaking and disinfecting solution. Leave the lenses in the disinfecting solution for the prescribed time.

Q. Can I wear my contact lenses while swimming?

A. Wearing contact lenses while swimming is not recommended because of the bacteria in the water that can adhere to the lenses and cause infections. If lenses are worn while swimming, it is advisable to wear goggles over them and disinfect the lenses immediately afterwards.

Q. How do I read my contact lens prescription?

A. Contact lens prescriptions contain standard elements and look something like:

Power, Sphere or Sph (the strength or amount of correction needed: -20.00 to +20.00

BC or Base Curve (the curve of the contact lens’ surface): 8.0 to 10.0

Dia or Diameter (the width of the contact lens): 13.0 to 15.0

Brand: Aucvue, Focus etc

Color: Optional

Add or Add Power (additional correction for bifocal contact lenses) : +1.00 to +3.00

Cyl or Cylinder (Used for Toric lenses only): -0.75 to -10.00

Axis (Used for Toric lenses only): 0 to 180

Left eye is referred to as OS and the right eye is referred to as OD.


What does the eye exam involve?

An Eye Exam allows the optometrist to:
• Determine any relevant prescription for your eyes (far or near-sighted, astigmatic, presbyopic)
• Check that the muscles of the eyes work together
• Check your Eye Health and screen for any associated general health problems
• Perform any further testing as deemed necessary like Eye Pressures, Visual Fields, Color Vision or Pupil Dilation.

How long will the eye exam take?

This should not take longer than 30 minutes assuming no extra tests or contact lens fittings are required. We endeavour to have completed our service to you within an hour.

How frequently I should go for eye check up?

Once in a year as a general guideline but, varies in case of children and in case of a person having diabetes or hypertension etc., Our Optometrist would guide you according to the necessity.

Is Minus power high or Plus power high ?

Any power either plus or minus is to correct the error. It does matter with the amount, but not with the sign (+ or -).

What lenses do you recommend for computer use ?

People who work on computers for long time would encounter a condition called CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome). With proper change in the ambience, adjustment of computer, sitting posture etc. one can work with ease. The use of computer glasses is can protect your eyes. Our Optometrists would counsel on CVS and guide accordingly.

How much are the delivery charges? ...

We provide free shipping/delivery on all purchases to be delivered within India. Please note that.......

How much are the delivery charges?

We provide free shipping/delivery on all purchases to be delivered within India. Please note that shipping charge of Rs. 50 will be charged if the checkout amount for the product you have purchased is <= 500.

What is the estimated delivery time?

The estimated time of delivery is based on the products purchased. It may differ from one item to another. For more details, see Shipping

Which countries does OptrixStore.com deliver?

OptrixStore.com,a global online eyewear store provides shipping to our customers across India,USA,UK,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,the European Union,Brasil,Argentina,West Indies,Russia,South Africa,the Middle East,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Bangladesh,China,Japan,Sri Lanka and all other major countries.

How can I track my order at OptrixStore.com?

1. Check your mailbox or spam.

Our system will automatically send the tracking number to the email address that you used for placing the order. Please check it by then;or

2. Send an email to sales@OptrixStore.com. Our customer service will provide you the tracking number.

Note: Tracking number cannot be provided before your package is dispatched.

How are items packaged?

All items are carefully packaged at our warehouses - as to avoid any form of damage. We ensure the package is water proof with plastic wrap and fragile items are safely secured with bubble wrap.

What should I do if I find my product to be opened or tampered with upon delivery?

If in case the box in which the item has arrived has extensive visible damage, you are requested to contact our customer support as soon as possible.

How do I make a payment for a purchase? ...

OptrixStore.com offers multiple methods to make payments for your order: Credit Card & Debit Card.

How do I make a payment for a purchase?

OptrixStore.com offers multiple methods to make payments for your order: Credit Card & Debit Card. All Credit/Debit card details remain confidential and private. For more details, see Payment & Billing Related Information.

Are products purchased online covered by warranty?

Based on the product purchased, there is an associated warranty period, ranging upto 3 years. All products with warranty, will be issued with a Warranty Card. Warranty does not cover wear and tear on Frame And/or frame parts. Nor does the Warranty cover worn, scratched and/or prescription lenses. In case of defects, customer should contact our customer service. All products are covered by free insurance coverage against theft and damage during transit. If you receive a package that is open or looks to have been tampered with please do not accept it. Contact us at 1800 or email us at sales@OptrixStore.com

What is Cash-on-Delivery?

Cash-on-Delivery is a type of payment method where you pay at the time of delivery. For more details, see Payment & Billing Related Information.