1. We offer multiple methods to make payments for your order: Credit Card & Debit Card, Net Banking, Cash-on-Delivery & more. All transaction details remain confidential and private.
  2. Cash-on-Delivery (C-o-D) is a method of purchasing from us, where you pay at the time of the actual delivery.
  3. Pay cash on delivery to the courier. The courier will not accept cheques or demand drafts, please pay only cash.
    Before processing your order for cash on delivery, our agent will call you over phone. After you reconfirm that you have chosen to pay by cash on delivery, your order will be processed.
  4. Pay by cash is an easy payment method, where you pay cash in advance for your prescription lenses (with a specific power range). These lenses will then be accustomed to your ordered product. This payment method is applicable across India depending on your location. Once the payment is made we will happily ship your product with no delivery charges through reliable courier services (Blue Dart etc.) In case of any doubts, please feel free to get in touch with customer care at
  5. There are absolutely no hidden charges when you make a purchase with
  6. We also offer our customers with Card Verification Method (CVM) which ensures that the person submitting the transaction is in possession of the actual card, since the 3 numeric code cannot be copied from charge slips / receipts or skimmed from the magnetic band.
  7. Our customers' entire Credit Card Authorization is done using through highly secure Payment Gateway.
  8. Please be aware that billing address of your order should be same as your shipping address
  9. Please check the expired date of your credit card and your PayPal account that is associated with your credit card which may also block a successful payment.
  10. We'd also like to notify that it may take some longer time to go through the whole payment (to go the page where you can enter the credit card number and etc.) if the network condition is not good. Please try to switch to another computer in your office.
  11. Please contact your credit card company if you need further assistance about the payment